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Here at Planks and Dranks, we challenge you to come out and channel your inner artist with us, while learning to hand stencil and paint wood signs at its absolute basics. That’s right, no experience necessary. Whether you are making a sign for yourself, or for someone else, we take pride in showing you the way step by step. All materials are provided, so you will only need to show up thirsty, prepared to laugh all night, and ready to get your creativity on. The only requirement is that you experience exuberance to its fullest. Our staff is full of energy and ready to get you out of your shell. Be prepared to have one phenomenal night out full of laughter and good vibes.

Disclaimer: Since we are working with wood, we like to talk about it. Be prepared for many “wood” innuendos and a lot of “That’s what she said” jokes.

-Jessica - CEO Wood Whisperer

-Elizabeth - Co-Founder of Wood Handling

-Evelyn - Rose’ Consultant

-Savannah - Creative Drinker

-Michelle - Professional Wood Waxer

Saige Loneeagle - Master Wood Stroker

Sarah Reyna - Professor of Knotty Wood

Kendra Lopez - Doctor of Wood Rubbing


Good times, with good friends! Share your memories with us